Food and more food, I can keep writing about recipes and recipes of Mexican traditional food and I will never finish, the Mexican Gastronomy is considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the Unesco, since it is so full of ingredients, secrets and even spirituality.

The name “Gordita” in Mexican food is given to the snack made out of corn dough in a round shape and stuffed with pressed cracklings and sometimes other meats or cheese. But, there is another “type” of Gordita, The “Goridta de nata”, this one is more a sweat bread than a snack. It is made out of milk cream mixed with sugar, vanilla, eggs and flour and cooked in a “comal” that is like a big flat pan usually used to make or heat tortilla and other snacks in Mexico like the quesadillas, see the image below:


The result of this milk cream mix is a delicious small and soft bread with a round shape that is totally addictive. I am sure you can find the Gorditas de Nata in many cities of Mexico, but in Cancun I know about one, yes only one, and it is not a proper restaurant but a moving “carrito” stand, attended by Doña Hilaria (Mrs. Hilaria) that offers not only Gorditas but tlacoyos (I’ve wrote about them, but if you can’t find the post, just google them. She is located in the corner of the Avenue Tulum with the Avenue Cobá in Cancun’s downtown. Try to go around 12pm, certainly you’ll find her.

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