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Today I am going to talk about a bar I love in Cancun, it is called “ROUTE 666” and yes, as anyone can guess it is a biker bar. I decided to write about it for this next Friday 14th will be its anniversary and the party will be GREAT!

The bar Route 666 is located in a very convenient spot nearby the end of the Kukulkan AV. (Hotel zone main avenue) so it is easy to find.

Talking about details and decoration this bar is everything you might expect from a bar of this kind. Every biker in Cancun considers the “Route 666” -Also known as “El ruta” or “El 6”- a regular place to hang around and drink a beer; a reunion point.

You might find local and imported beers, great snacks. And the ambience is great since it is usually full but always with enough tables in the inside and the outside, where the stage is located…

¿Did I say stage? Yes, they have regular bands such as “Los Cazafantasmas” (The Ghostbusters) which plays covers of famous rock n’ roll songs, and they also have invited bands with original music. There are also tribute band days and believe me these days this place can explode of people since the tributes are great: PRIMUS, RHCP, PEARL JAM, etc. One of my best friends plays there with the house band and some of the tributes, he considers this place his office, second home and the best place to work; he also does sometimes the Audio Engineering for guest bands and it is his stage for its original band “Super B” his name is Hugo Galicia and it is a main part of the heart of this place; He, along with Daniel, the owner; and Valvula, the manager; make every night an amazing experience for the locals and the tourists.

The Route 666 it is also one of the gigs for the annual Rock and Metal Fest and bands such as Sepultura has stepped on their stage.

Daniel and Hugo, organize the annual biker’s convention every year in Novemeber 1st, 2nd and 3rd in which over 900 bikers arrive to Cancun; you might come during those dates to live it. They bring amazing bands and do amazing events; which bikers always love.

In my personal experience this is a most in Cancun; you can always arrive in one of our nice and comfortable sprinters, suburban or even a limo to get the best out of your experience. Contact your #Feraltar executive for more information.


Thanks for reading us; come back tomorrow for more information about Cancun.

Bárbara Escaler

Marketing Feraltar

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