Where to eat? In Cancun and in general in La Riviera Maya, the options are endless. I’ve recommended some places in Cancún before, now I will give you ten options to eat in Tulum, just keep this in mind, Tulum is really trendy now, very expensive compared with Playa del Carmen and Cancun, restaurants are using almost only organic products and offer open area, with amazing decorations and beautiful garden. Almost all of them have their own recipes and mezcal cocktails. So, I think the price is worth it. Specially because you won’t find these kind of restaurants in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

1.- Hartwood, to eat here you have to make a reservation (there is a waiting line at 3pm in order to get a table for later that night ) yes! there is waiting line with the promis of an amazing and unique meal.

2.- Vegan cuisine, organic and self sustainable ingredients. A perfect garden to eat the best vegan food in Tulum.

3.- Gitano, this place is kind of a trendy place, nice people and sophisticated drinks based on fruits and mezcal. The menu includes mainly Mexican food and contemporary versions of it.

4.- Simple, open-air restaurant of seafood. Great cocktail bar.

5.- Safari, Tulum has 3  special signatures 1.- Open-air restaurants with gardens 2.- Ingredients: Organic products, Mezcal and many fruits in their drinsk and food, the 3rd would be the antiques used in almost every place to create Tulum’s unique atmosphere. Safari has a special kitchen that is, actually, a 1971 silver Airstream and almost all the menu is cooked in a wood-fire pit next to the vehicle. Safari bets for the fruit juices more than the cocktails.

6.- Casa Jaguar, this place is famous for its drinks, once again many fruits and mezcal that along the wood-fire meat and veggies and the fresh salads and ceviches offers you a unique culinary experience.

7.- Mezzanine, this is a thai-oriental fusion restaurant with original dishes such as the chicken tequila dumpling. If you like exotic and original, you should come here.

8.- Posada Margherita, Italian restaurant, I know, you may think: “Italian in Mexico?” Well, first of all, who doesn’t like Italian food, second this is placed in the Caribbean Beach so the view is amazing, and also, in Italian restaurants in Mexico they add Mexican ingredients and make of this traditional food a brand new experience.

9.- Le Cocina de Corina, this is another open-air restaurant that offers a fusion of Mexican, SouthAmerican and Mediterranean food. Seafood is their specialty and they have their own fresh and colorful drinks to offer.

10.- El Tabano, Mexican modern food with a unique twist. Local ingredients and every day different plates. The wine chart is all about Mexican brands.

Thanks for reading!

Barbara Escaler



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