Do you know that the vanilla is a very pretty orchid. I spoke before about it, but here I want you to see how it really is the process and provide you with some images about it.

These are the only orchids in the world that aren’t cultivated for ornamental purposes only, these are productive, but as any other orchid they are very delicate.  It’s origin are in Mexico, specifically they are from Papantla, Veracruz, a small charming town that perfumate the world with this amazing product: THE VANILLA!

The pods are the fruits of the flower, while they are green are cutted and dried at the sunlight, once they are bright brown are ready to be used or consumed


So many people think that the Vanilla is expensive and rather use alike products, but after the pollinition the orchids need extra cares and it takes almost a year and a half so one single pod may be ready so this is why the production is very expensive and the price results to be also expensive.

The efforts of this producers are not always recognized and people keep asking them to reduce the price, but these process is so delicate that it can’t be automatized to improve costs, Mexican vanilla is the best in the world because it comes from this place.

Every handcrafts market in Mexico sells original vanilla, don’t miss the chance to buy a bottle and take it home with you, there are so many other products made with this vanilla, candies, perfumes, liquors and so much more.

Vanilla, another gift from Mexico to the world.

Thanks for reading!

Barbara Escaler

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