Arrivals Instructions

Upon arrival at the Cancun Airport, you will pass through immigration and present the Mexican immigration agent with your passport. You will then claim your luggage and proceed through customs to declare any goods. You will press a button on a light resembling a traffic signal. A green light means that your bags will pass without inspection, a red light means that your bags will be inspected.

After passing customs, please keep walking to the outside of the airport building, there are many timeshare salespeople located in the corridor on your way out for your pick-up. We encourage you NOT to stop and speak to them, walk through the corridor and meet your transportation company outside; A FERALTAR or LUMAALE representative will greet you right outside your arrival terminal with a large banner with your name and their company logo. Their uniforms are navy blue slacks and white shirts with a Feraltar or Lumaale tag on it and a big smile.

Once you have checked in with one of their representatives he/she will take you to loading area where you will meet your driver and board the vehicle.

Remember they will monitor your flight so if it is a little delayed or is arriving a little early you don't need to call them as they will know this information. Only if your flight is cancelled or you were switched to another flight, then please make sure they get the new flight information so they can re-schedule your transfer.

Departure Instructions

The Cancun International Airport requests that all departing passengers on international flights must be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to their flight departure time. Your pick-up time was scheduled according to this request and taking into consideration information such as your flight departing time, approximate travel time between your hotel and the airport, day of the week, and assumed traffic flow.

A Lumaale or Feraltar representative will be outside your Hotel (in the main lobby) at the time marked on your boarding pass. This is same boarding pass that you signed upon your pick up on the day of your arrival.

Remember, if you make any changes for the pick-up time or location that your original reservation states, you must let them know at least 12 hours prior to pick up. In doing this change, please confirm the name of who took the change and who is confirmed to provide the service.

General Information

Feraltar Transportation and Lumaale Travel Agency are the official shuttle companies of Both companies are certified and authorized to operate at Cancun International Airport by the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

Both companies have representatives at the airport 24hrs a day, but if for any reason you cannot locate any of their representatives, please call us at 886-8295 (local Cancun phone) and we will immediately send a representative to meet you. Please keep in mind that they will never ask anyone outside their companies to take you to your hotel. We want to make sure you know this just in case somebody at the airport offers to take you to your hotel on their behalf and tries to charge you extra. Your transportation is fully paid and the only extra money you may need is the tip for the driver.

If you have any questions regarding your arrival to Cancun International Airport or if on your arrival day your flight information changes due to weather, cancellations, delays, overbooking, etc., please call me USA/CAN TOLL FREE at 1-888-644-7803, from outside the US & Canada please call us at our direct number in Cancun +52 (998) 886-8295. These phones are being monitored 24hrs a day but if there is no answer you can leave a message with your flight changes and our airport representatives will receive an email with your message. This way we can make sure a representative will be outside your arrival gate when you arrive to Cancun.