Cancun International Airport - About Customs

Once you have your hand luggage, will pass through customs, where there is a traffic light turns red and green lights, which is down to luck. If passed, the light goes green, you can move on, if it goes red light, you will have to wait to review your luggage.
(It is very important to have your documents handy and in order, if you have anything to say, do so before it is late)
Cancun airport is easier to arrive at and depart from.

If you request this service, you can have complete confidence that what you send, will be fully supervised and safety.

The office is an authority, which has the task of sorting and verifying the goods from abroad in general, all with the provisions of law of general import taxes and export, the law of value added tax (VAT). Just, as the customs value of goods based on customs law.

The goal is to provide quality service to all our visitors, regardless of sex, color, nationality and religion. Sufficient information to establish more easily in a service with accountability, efficiency, honesty, and above all with respect for human rights.