Private Planes

Cancun International Airport - FBO Private Aviation

FBO by its acronym in English (Fixed Base Operations) is where you get all the Private aviation, not commercial flights.It is located northwest of the airfield, next to Terminal 1.

When you enter the area of the FBO, you will see an agent to guide you and show you where to park as close to the building and members of the crew will point the way to appear at immigration and customs to submit its documentation and baggage.

Cancun Airport Terminal FBO

FBO Special Services FBO

  • FBOEl combustible es abastecido por ASA, contamos con los siguientes tipos de combustibles: Jet-A, AVGAS 100/130
  • Gourmet food and beverages
  • Hotel Reservation with special rates for FBO clients
  • Luxury ground transportation
  • Car rental
  • Luxury and exotic car rental
  • Cell phone rental
  • Courtesy Snacks for crewmembers
  • Luxury item shopping

Payment Methods

We accept payment in cash and with the following credit cards:

  • VISA

Official Requirements

When you fly to or from one of your FBO's you should take following requirements into consideration

Aeronautical Documents Required by the law

  • Aircraft registration
  • Airworthiness certificate
  • Insuranse policy valid in Mexico with wordwide coverage
  • Pilot's licences
  • Single or multiple entry permits (if Aplicable)
  • Additional Information:

  • Private or non-commercial aircraft can apply for single or multiple entry permits at the local offices of the D.G.AC. (Mexican civil aviation authority)
  • Permits for private or non-commercial aircraft have a cost of $567.00 pesos
  • Commercial aircraft and air ambulances must receive the corresponding authorization from Mexican aeronautical control authorities before arrival


Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil

Dirección de Transporte y Control Aeronáutico y/o Subdireccion de Aviacion General y Servicios Aereos.

Address: Providencia 807-1er piso, Col. Del Valle. C.P. 03100, Mexico, D.F.

Tel: +52 (555) 6877620 / +52 (555) 5232955

Fax: +52 (555) 5233419

Immigration Requirements

  • General declaration (specifyng type of aircraft and registration number, arrival, departure and crewmembers and passenger's details)
  • Valid Passport
  • Visa(for those countries that require it)
  • Immigration form (1 for each passenger or crewmember)
  • Citizens of the United States may present a birth certificate (original) along with an official photo ID instead of their passports
  • Minors not traveling with both parents must present a letter of authorization from the parent(s) not accompanying the child.
  • (To speed up entry procedures, please fax to +52 (99) 8886 0189 the details of passengers and crewmembers, such as: full name, passport number)

    Customs Requirements

  • Customs declarations; each passenger or family head must present a customs declaration
  • Random checks will be made of passenger's luggage
  • All crewmember's luggage will be checked by customs agents.

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