This department is operated independently by the security staff and have their own policies and procedures, because of this situation the department has its own restrictions.

This department processes and get articles found at the airport. These items are returned to regular passengers, but not all items are reported.

Many times people find the articles and remain.

All airport staff is checked on entry and exit on the business day at the airport, we do this just to return all items that are and are able to return.


The Security office is not responsible for items or luggage left in the aircraft or airport. Baggage is handled only by personnel of the airline and not by the airport staff, if your baggage is damaged should contact your airline and file a complaint to them, the airport cannot answer for that situation.

Articles may claim only the owners of the goods directly to the Security office, this can be done at the airport or by telephone, please do not send your request via e-mail, we will not follow any mail about this topic, please call us.

Communicate directly to the Security Office at +52 (998) 848-7200 (this number is long distance and international).

The reason why you should call or submitted directly is because you will be asked specific questions about their belongings.

The Security office is open 24 hrs. A day but will be attended from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

Or Contact by email: : Katia pasos, Department of Lost and Found, Cancun Airport

If you are are a Visitor from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or any english speaking country, please check our Arrival & Departure Information