We suggest you identify your baggage, so you can easily recognize in the bands of delivery from the airport and not waste time to go directly to your hotel to enjoy a nice drink and the wonderful view of the Caribbean.

Much depends on the months when we visit but generally the climate is hot and humid, we suggest you include in your luggage a change of fashion-casual clothing to enjoy a delicious meal, comfortable shoes for walking in the forest and their tours or visits to the city, a light sweater at night because you can feel a constant breeze or in the streets, the air conditioning to keep it very low temperatures.

Including hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent may be helpful.


It is extremely important to check the expiration dates of passport and visa of the people traveling and yours to not have any accidents on your trip, so we suggest storing it in a special way and under full attention, these documents are very important and should have them well cared for and hand in case they are requested.


Due to the number of foreign visitors are there in Cancun and the Riviera Maya most of its institutions receive American dollars, so no need to change all your money into pesos .... You can do this for tips or a taxi or buy a bottle of water or something unforeseen, in most establishments accept debit and credit cards (Visa / Mastercard / American Express does not in all establishments is accepted, if you will pay with any card ask before your service begins.)


Cancun and Riviera Maya are characterized as places visited and currently living in the foreigners of different nationalities. Many of them are owners of food and beverage so they share a bit with us of their country, we can find all kinds of food for all tastes and budgets.

Something we recommend as it is located in Mexico is some delicious dishes, because of the region in which we can enjoy a delicious lime soup, 'Pibil' chicken or 'papadzules' and enjoy a delicious 'ceviche' of fresh fish to shore to the sea and much more .... Yes, beware of Moctezuma's revenge! Tequila and spicy (Chilli) you have to taste and try but no exceed .... Enjoy our delicious Mexican flavors! Cheers!


Whether you are staying in Cancun or Riviera Maya and is located in the Mexican paradise full of magic and culture highly recommend to know and live their Xcaret night show 'Mexico en la piel' will be an experience you will remember forever, another site Chichen Itza is forced and magic, find out why it won a place in the world's wonders. Tulum and its majestic ; Xel-ha natural park and the continent's largest aquarium, Coba accompanied by kayaking and a hike through the jungle, at night the party must live Cocobongo a place where you can dance without stop and enjoy a show full of music and color! If you want to enjoy an unforgettable meal Lorenzillo´s is the ideal place at the lagoon, overlooking beaten with a good wine and a delicious fresh lobster. Simply delicious! And if you like adrenaline and strong emotions cannot miss the adventure of practicing Sky Dive in Playa del Carmen just a single view of the Mexican Caribbean. And if shopping is required Shopping Mall 'La Isla' is the place where you will find renowned brands and stores to brighten up your duty free shopping.


Thanks to technology we can organize and employ our holiday and avoid disappointment, we suggest you make your hotel reservations, transportation, tours and enjoy your stay smooth, making the journey and learn to optimize the target 100% enjoying every moment.

Make your trip an unforgettable experience for the good memories ...

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